Roses, according to Greek Mythology, were created from the tears Aphrodite shed over Adonis.....

Floribunda, shrub, climber, ground-cover and patio- just a few of the types available.

Roses will suit any border, whatever the style, that will provide them with plenty of sun in a well-drained and fertile soil .

They have possibly the largest range of colour choice of any available flower with an abundance of gorgeous scent.

I have a wide range in my cottage border, from white to the deepest purple. They work well with plants such as lavender and hardy geraniums which handily cover any bare lower stems and together create a wonderful haven for bees and other insect wildlife.

Despite the tendency of a particularly vicious but beautiful climber which scrambles up a pergola to 'attack' Mr F whilst mowing, I could never be without them in my garden....

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