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Garden design
Garden design

You may have a particular problem area, wish to rejuvenate a border or have a change of theme to an area of garden or just a bit of garden styling?

Maybe you’d like an additional lawn or a gravel bed or would like to add interest such as paths, low walls, and patio or paving, raised beds or feature such as decking, pergola, rose arch or arbor? Or perhaps you crave a completely new design either to an existing garden or from a new build- our particular speciality.


We aim to provide you with a unique, bespoke and affordable residential garden design service.

Even the smallest of changes can have significant impact on the look and feel of a garden.


Appropriate planting is used to ensure all year round interest, whatever particular taste or theme you choose and is tailored to your required level of ongoing self-maintenance.

Our Service

We have the experience and vision to help create the garden you want.


We start with a free Informal visit to get to know you, your garden and what you would like

from us. We may take photographs and notes during our meeting. Together, we can discuss

some of your likes and dislikes, suggest some early ideas and themes and talk through initial

costs and budget. This ‘groundwork’ will help inform future planning and design.


The next step begins once you have chosen us.

We will firstly provide a document of agreement between us.


The next meeting allows you to tell us in more detail your hopes for the area and for us to discuss

how we can make your garden wishes become reality. We can use a ‘wish list’ of ideas/themes to

build a picture of your needs.


Using this information and after payment of all fees due, the design can be created. Prices for a design plan are by hourly rate; bearing in mind it may take a minimum of 8 hours to create an initial draft design and supporting information (less for a smaller area).


The site fee is refunded if we are commissioned to complete the works on your garden. You may, of course, prefer to carry out the work yourself. Or we can provide both services for you to be included in the final costing if requested.


A third meeting will be to show you the proposed design and discuss any issues you may have. We can also produce a mood board & plant list with examples of proposed plants/paving or other construction within the plan and costs for this, should you wish us to proceed. Once any final issues are decided we come to the final leg- the construction, if required – and your transformed garden!

Garden design
Garden Design