Irises take their name from the Greek word for rainbow....

One of my favourite plants named after my favourite destination.......

There are several hundred species in a rainbow of different colours, although no true reds.

The flowers create a beautiful, tall and showy presence in a late spring and early summer border.

The sadness is these beautiful blooms only last a few weeks and are easily damaged by heavy rain such as we have encountered this week.

Above are just three of the many varieties in my own hot border; more have recently been planted as they thrive in our hot, sandy and well-drained soil. My man has even forgone a bit of his pride and joy- the lawn- to provide the room for more of these beauties.

Go on, try a few. If you're in a wetter area, plant them on a shallow mound and/or add plenty of grit to the soil as long as they are in a full sun position as they hate having 'wet bottoms'. Plant with the rhizomes partially exposed to soak up the sun.

As any true gardener, I'm already looking forward to next spring when I can admire more varieties. I hope you give them a try too.

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