Hello. It's been a while...

A house move has provided our own exciting new garden challenges as well as those of our clients.

A first for us is inheriting the very large natural pond, opening up a whole new planting experience.

It's taken Mr F many weekends of digging to dredge around 1m depth of sediment across the whole area but it is now ready for restocking- and what an array of choice there is for aquatic plants.

A particular favourite has to be Nymphaea (translated as nypmh in Greek) the timeless water lily- immortalised in Claude Monet's many paintings.

They come in shades of yellow, pinks, reds, even orange as well as pure whites, and whether in a small pond or large lakes, are known as much for their beautifully shaped floating leaves, or lily pads, as well as their showy cup cake-like flowers.

We are fortunate to have several very large clumps and have also divided some this spring so are hoping for a multitude of blooms this summer. So shelter for the fish we will be adding soon plus a perch for the many frogs....

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