Hellebores, also known as the Christmas rose....

They are beautiful little plants, with their delicate bowed-head flowers in a wonderful array of different colours and attractive foliage. I have many different species which are perfect for brightening up the shady border during late winter (sometimes as early as December) and early spring and thrive in the rich, well-drained conditions. Indeed, they will also live happily in sunny aspects. The older, tatty leaves can sometimes hide the flowers so can be easily removed; revealing their beauty without causing damage to the plant.

My own selection live in perfect harmony with tete a tete daffodils and other spring bulbs and perennials, evergreen ferns and primulas under the shade of a rather large old silver birch.

This birch tree also houses several swings, secured over its branches, which swing across the border and are used by young and old family members alike during the warmer months. It is fortunate that hellebores are also very robust, self-seed copiously and manage well despite the trampling underfoot from said feet both young and old (mentioning no names)!

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