A clematis for any spot...

is Clematis Alpina "White Columbine". As you can see, ours is smothered in flowers this year and is especially pretty with it's delicate paper-like petals. The fluffy seed heads that follow as the petals drop are equally charming.

This one will tolerate any aspect and is as happy is shade as in sun. Like all clematis, it likes its feet deep and cool. A good tip is to shade the roots with a piece of slate or similar to keep it happy.

We already have five clematis and I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more this year, shh...don't tell Chris!

There is indeed, as the title suggests, a clematis for any spot be it sun , shade or anything between with a huge array of colours. Another particular favourite of mine is Clematis Tie Die which has wonderful splodges of lilac and purple across its petals. Unusual and always commented on by visitors to our garden....pure delight.

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