The clients brief was to rejuvenate and update their overgrown raised beds.


Being a busy working couple, they wished for low maintenance/structural planting with additional colour plus a new, small lawned area. 

The hard landscaping was already in place so we were able to complete this in two visits.

In the first we were able to rearrange edging, prepare the ground for new turf and strip out a large proportion of the old planting which was very overgrown.


Some specimens were re-used and re-sited in more appropriate spaces. Existing shrubs and trees were cut hard back to tidy them up and encourage new growth. Spring bulbs and planting were added.

At the second visit, the lawn was laid and an additional mix of shrubs, perennials and evergreens were added.


The colour palette was kept muted and cohesive, tying in with the garden owner's original planting.


Care advice was given for the range of plants added and the owners now feel more confident to add in other plants to their scheme as required.

Small Urban Garden - Spring Project

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