Shady Woodland Area

This is an ongoing project, starting with old metal fencing and dense overgrowth being cleared.


Some new fencing with access gate was built first. Then the old patchy turf  was lifted and new woodland, shady beds created using appropriate planting.


Finally, old cypress branches were lifted to allow a little more light and water into the area.


The beds have been so successful that they have now been widened to allow further planting. There is a mass of spring bulbs, ferns and hellebores planted within the borders, pieris and fatsias as well as shade- happy perennials such as hostas, tiarellas and polemonium to provide structure, foliage and colour all year round.

A mirror provides some reflected light and added interest to the fence. Ultimately, the shrubs at the back will provide more height and partially clothe this feature.

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