Can you believe it.....

This is the sight that greeted me this week. Just couldn't resist a sneaky pic of the early morning mist. It's October already but it's been more like August here in East Anglia. The garden really needs to be put to bed but so much is still flowering that I don't have the heart to begin clearing yet. I know I will regret the back-log of work this will create but hopefully we are giving the wildlife an extra few weeks of food. Even Secret (our friendly neighbourhood squirrel) is still rushing about trying it's best to dig up my bulbs.....speaking of which, I have received this year's delivery of daffodils, tulips, dwarf irises and alliums for additional spring and early summer colour. This will be the next major job, after the autumn clearance. Don't forget to hold off on your tulip planting until November as the colder temperatures will help to protect bulbs from viral and fungal infections which will have hopefully, by then, been killed off in the soil. Happy planting!

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